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DIY Floral Envelope Watercolour Workshop (NEW!)

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Loose Florals on DIY Envelope Watercolour Workshop is a brand new workshop that teaches you how to customise and add a personal touch to your envelope. Learn to create a beautiful DIY envelope and surprise your recipient with hidden loose florals hand-painted by you as he/she opens the envelope.

Yes, we know... who needs to make an envelope when you can buy one? We are running this workshop in the spirit of learning to "DIY". Definitely applicable for adults and kids! 

Specs | 210gsm watercolour paper. 2-hour session with step-by-step guidance. All tools and watercolour paints for use during lesson. 

Medium | Watercolour paint (palette).

Address | 3/F, 1 Trengganu Street Singapore 058455 (Chinatown) OR #02-12, Oasis Terraces Singapore 820681 (Punggol). **Please take note of the address that you are signing up for!

Pricing | Available at introductory price of $50! 

Others | For a private workshop, a minimum group size is applicable. If you do wish to book a private session for you and your friends, do give us a call to check for availability before making payment:) Sample artwork in picture was done by an adult but this is suitable for kids!