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Mother's Day Special: Peonies Impressionism Workshop - artjamming, Boulevart - Boulevart

Mother's Day Special: Peonies Impressionism Workshop

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Peonies Impressionism Workshop is a Mother's Day special, where you will learn to paint peonies in impressionism style. We'll make it fun and easy for you! Your painting will be framed up right after the workshop, making it the perfect gift this Mother's Day! Alternatively, sign up with your mum, child, or any family member to make this extra special. :) Special discount available for signing up as a pair.

Impressionism is a style of painting associated mainly with artists the likes of Claude Monet. 

Specs | 30 x 30cm canvas, with high quality frame of 2.3cm depth. Framed dimensions would be 33 x 33 x 2.3cm. 2-hour session with step-by-step guidance. All tools and acrylic paints for use during lesson. 

Medium | Acrylic paint.

Address | 3/F, 1 Trengganu Street Singapore 058455 (Chinatown) OR #02-12, Oasis Terraces Singapore 820681 (Punggol). **Please take note of the address that you are signing up for!

Pricing | Available at $70

Recommended Age | Adults or children aged 9 and above.  

Others | Enjoy a painting session with a family member or a friend at 10% discount for this class! Message us for the discount link.