The Workshop Menu

Seen plenty of works on our social media platforms but not sure where to find more information on our workshops?

We work on an a la carte basis, and do not charge membership fees. Pricing indicated is inclusive of use of all art materials.

Let us “dissect” our menu of workshops & classes for you.

Tailored Classes – This is for you if you have something specific in mind, but we do not currently have a workshop that does exactly that. Or, that you just want your child to have fun painting a picture (any, be it based on a picture found on the internet or a picture card we have in our studio). Tailored Classes are getting increasingly popular here at Boulevart! You can contact us to slot a session alongside any other classes we might be running, as long as the class size remains manageable!

Evergreen Classes – These are evergreen classes on our menu which will always be available all year long. The duration of the classes are fixed, and one painting can be completed over the indicated duration of the workshop. You can check them out here, and similarly contact us to slot a session alongside any other classes we are running.

Seasonal Classes – These classes are only scheduled from time to time and are not available on appointment basis, so we would say grab those slots fast if you see one that you are interested in! Coffee painting, motivational phrases painting… just to name a few!

Ready to sign up now? Check out our latest schedule on Facebook or here. If our schedule does not fit yours, call us to make an appointment!

Hope you have lots of arty fun at our studio!