Painting Classes for Kids

Painting allows children to learn to use their senses, go through thought processes, and convey ideas. The result of children’s efforts in painting are visible and tangible as the final end product takes shape, making it possible for them to see how their unique ideas can be expressed through art.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a fast drying medium, and can be layered over when dry, which makes it a forgiving medium. When diluted with water, the paint loses its opacity.  Acrylic paint is also an extremely versatile medium, and has a wide spectrum of options in terms of application. We are using acrylic paint that is certified safe for children and adults, by ACMI.


Our regular classes for kids are held on a weekly basis, with children aged 6 to 12 years old attending the classes together. While the age range is large, each child will work on his or her art piece (to be completed over 1 to 2 sessions) which the teacher thinks is suitable based on the child’s progress.

The basic pictures that your child will work on is likely to be one of the following: fruits, flowers, or animals. For junior attendees who are still developing motor skills, the art work will largely be oriented towards solid colours, with minimal blending. Naturally, for students who have better brush control and are able to take on more challenging pieces, we will look to have them work on pieces that require more blending and finer details.


Each class is 2-hours long.

The fee for a trial class will be SGD48. For a set of four continuous sessions, the charges will be SGD180.