Event Hire

Looking for an activity for your team-building event? If you are expecting a large group and would like to have an art-jamming event held at your location, contact us now for a quote.  We are able to hold events off-site and can tailor the event according to your requests.

We trust that the quality and presentation of events are equally important to our customers – engage us and you will know the difference!

We provide, at minimum, the following for our customers’ events:


45 x 45cm 380gsm 100% Cotton Canvases

Canvas Storage Box designed in-house

Quality Nylon Paintbrushes

Acrylic Paint from Pebeo


Our in-house cotton canvases are specially manufactured with higher specifications – we see the importance of providing canvases with thicker cotton material (380gsm vis-a-vis the basic 280gsm).

For the canvas storage box, we have also specially designed a box which meets performance expectations on both form and function.

Sometimes, in order to achieve a beautiful artwork, it’s not just about the artistic flair of an individual, but the quality of the tools and paint used – that is why we insist on using quality brushes (no split ends / hairs!) and acrylic paint from a long, trusted brand, Pebeo. Acrylic paints from Pebeo are certified safe by ACMI.