Polymer Clay Classes for Kids

Working with clay is not only fun for kids, but also helps develop self-expression and creative problem-solving skills. Children can also better develop their fine motor skills which in turn improves dexterity. Often, children can become so absorbed in playing with clay that it improves their concentration, mindfulness and attention to detail. Realising that their actions can produce a positive result builds self-confidence.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is safe for both children and adults and has been certified to be non-toxic by the Arts & Crafts Materials Institute (ACMI), a Boston-based organization. It can be easily found in craft stores and is baked in a conventional oven at 130° C to harden it so it will last longer. Compared to traditional pottery clay that is fired in a kiln at over 1000° C, polymer clay is much more easily accessible and is commonly used in creative crafting.


Polymer Clay for Children

Ages 6-8

Younger children will be encouraged to use their creativity and imagination, with less focus on detailed realism. Exposure to the medium at a young age through exploration and elements of play will encourage inquisitiveness, expression and self confidence. Immersing in the activity of shaping clay will help participants cultivate awareness and mindfulness, improving their attention span and focus. Classes for this age group will feature more basic and organic forms such as pets and animals. Children will get to bake and paint their clay creations to bring home. 

Ages 9-12

Older children would have better control of their fine motor skills and can better manipulate and control the polymer clay to shape it however they want to. Classes focus on aesthetics with attention to form, colour, texture and details. Children are also encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in the process of creation. Participants will first shape the clay and then bake and paint them, incorporating both sculpting and painting elements.


The fee for the course is SGD40. Note however that we will not be running any clay classes in the month of July, and will look to continue them in the month of August.